Viewpoint #35

The Language of Design


In 2013 IBM revealed that 90% of the data in the world had only been generated in the preceding two years. Despite that short timescale, the term big data quickly became a buzzword across the creative industries – and also became considered the business challenge of the 21st century. From weather reports to social media posts, digital pictures to purchasing figures, mapping urban movements to biological databases, we are tracking and collecting huge amounts of information. But what is big data – and is it all it’s cracked up to be?
While many are exalting the value of crunching vast numbers to make smarter decisions more quickly, some are claiming that lack of trust and growing concern over privacy mean that data is ‘dead’. In this issue of Viewpoint we aim to critically analyse the opportunities and pitfalls of big data, showing how and where data is genuinely being used effectively, and learning from those studios and companies that are using data as knowledge and placing it at the centre of the design process.
As well as unpacking big data as The Big Idea of this issue, we deliver all the usual features. Within Undercurrents: Lifestyle we report on emerging behavioural and attitudinal lifestyle trends that are shaping the design world, while Undercurrents: Design provides a visual exploration of emerging design movements across the lifestyle industries and the key emerging directions influencing colour, pattern and graphics. Turn to the Innovation section to learn about the leading material and technological innovations shaping the future, while in The Talent we identify the idea-makers of tomorrow, providing a directory of names that you need to know.
The creative industry round-up featuring the new design, retail, lifestyle, material and technology stories that you need to gen up on!
Data is dead. Long live data! Each issue we report on The Big Idea, the current topic influencing the lifestyle industries, explaining our rationale for choosing our focus and the socio-cultural drivers behind it.
The Evidence
We evidence how The Big Idea is beginning to impact the creative industries, unpacked through cutting-edge case study examples and interviews with pioneers in the field.
The Toolkit
We profile the key creative pioneers working with brands to help bring The Big Idea to life.
The Opinion
Interviewing global design leaders to get their take on The Big Idea.
The Delivery
An in-depth analysis of the way a leading brand is bringing The Big Idea to market.
The Translation
The design movements manifesting as a result of The Big Idea – how they look and feel, the creatives driving these aesthetics, plus the associated colour palettes.
The Inspiration
A visual essay exploring The Big Idea.
Undercurrents: Lifestyle
Reporting on emerging behavioural and attitudinal lifestyle trends that are shaping the design world.
Undercurrents: Design
A visual exploration of emerging design movements across the lifestyle industries and their influence on colour, pattern and graphics.
A rundown of the need-to-know new technologies, materials, approaches and working methods affecting the creative industries.
A directory of names that you should know. From interactive designers to food stylists and digital artists, we identify the idea-makers of today – and tomorrow.