Viewpoint #37

We are living in a state of saturation – we have too much stuff, we are excessively informed and are brought up to conform. Even our exposure to ‘good’ design has landed us in an aesthetic landscape that is diluted and distinctly grey. However, it’s now time to challenge the status quo, to celebrate ‘realness’ and ‘difference’ and indeed having an opinion. Expect to see the rise of disruptor brands that are not afraid to challenge or conform and how good taste is being replaced with a rebellious anarchic mood.
Rebellion: the key messages
  • Be bold and subversive: people are thirsty for honesty and clear opinion
  • Authenticity is not just about pulling out a brand’s narrative and heritage – an authentic voice can still be subversive
  • Don’t over-curate; in an age where so much is easy and accessible, don’t deprive consumers of the joy of discovery, or of a rewarding challenge
  • Use social media to celebrate ‘warts and all’ rather than a perfected brand façade
  • Recognise and offer cultural and regional differences to sidestep global homogenised blandness
The Edit
The creative industry round-up featuring the new design, retail, lifestyle, material and technology stories that you need to gen up on
The Context
Each issue we report on The Big Idea, the
current topic influencing the creative industries, exploring the core rationale for this thematic focus and the context behind the trend. This issue: REBELLION
The Evidence
We show how REBELLION, this issue’s Big Idea,
is beginning to affect the creative industries, unpacked through cutting-edge examples of case studies and the work of pioneers in the field
The Toolkit
Whether they are harnessing technology, theatre, storytelling, music or expounding plain honest-to-goodness truths, these multidisciplinary thinkers and designers are some of the most innovative catalysts of today – and they’re using their creative toolkits to rebellious effect — KesselsKramer / Nelly Ben Hayoun / Cassetteboy / Metahaven / Doug Abraham
The Visual Essay
A visual essay featuring work by Noel Douglas
The Opinion
Interviewing global leaders to get their take on The Big Idea — Naresh Ramchandani / Carla Cammilla Hjort / Nick Knight / Alexa Clay
The Delivery
An in-depth analysis of the way a leading brand is bringing The Big Idea to market — the subversive standpoint of Vice Media
The Translation
The design movements manifesting as a result of REBELLION — how they look and feel, the creatives driving these aesthetics, plus the associated colour palettes
Undercurrents: Lifestyle
Reporting on emerging behavioural and attitudinal lifestyle trends that are shaping the design world — Trans Identities / Trans Tippling / Trans Seasonal / Trans Human
Undercurrents: Design
A visual exploration of emerging design movements across the lifestyle industries and their influence on colour, shape and form
A rundown of the need-to-know new technologies, materials, approaches and working methods affecting the creative industries — De-Extinction / Extended Virtual Reality / Future Farming / Designs for the Afterlife
A directory of names that you should know. From fashion activists and animators to fun-makers and light illusionists, we identify the idea-makers of today – and tomorrow — Shawn Maximo / KWVKU / Mathery Studio / Gabriel Pulecio / Ramdane Touhami / Apart Collective / Vera de Pont / Zolloc