View2 #22

EDITOR’S VIEW || Out is the New In!
A bold statement you might think, but it’s not just about this British editor’s whim (BREXIT was absolutely not on my agenda!), or to seem ‘on trend’ in this slogan-driven world, in which we now find ourselves. There are many reasons behind our thinking this issue and all of them are interesting and important for the industry as a whole.
When we started planning out the issue, we put out feelers to our team and contacts (as we always do), to gauge what the general vibe is around the globe as well as to learn what new things are happening in terms of R&D and production. As we visited the fabric shows and spoke to people at the heart of the industry, or simply struck up conversations with Joe public on the streets, we just kept coming back to the same strong thread – ‘Out is the New In!”
This made us look at the way we present out city reports to you. No longer are they focused on the most inspirational street looks we come across and new shops that have opened up in the obvious fashion capital cities, instead we present the urban zeitgeist of interesting areas and neighbourhoods, where new creative hubs are emerging thanks to young inspiring folk opting out of the norm, or simply moving out to escape gentrification and rising prices.
We also introduce a brand new Athleisure Concepts section, where “out” refers quite literally to product channelled towards getting out and about and exercising – something with ever more relevance as the athleisure revolution continues to expand. And this expansion demands realistic product that answers our daily needs (not just for exercise, but to provide performance and comfort at any given moment, no matter what the activity of the wearer).
“Out” also applies to companies who may be looking to move out of a comfort zone to explore new product categories and work with new fabrics and technologies. For those, who may be looking to add athleisure product to their collection, it is vital to understand the properties of sportswear fabrics and technologies and so, with this in mind, we answer a few pertinent questions in our Science Behind Athleisure interview with leading sports technologist, Ross Weir. We have also added Fabric News into both our denim and sport sections to highlight some of the key innovations that are happening in fabric production and manufacturing right now. The pioneering developments that we see coming forward also show that manufacturers are having to think “out”side of the box in order to build more sustainable practices for the future.
In terms of the ‘concepts’ and ‘forecasts’ in this issue, you will see that the majority of them look to forms of getting “out” and escaping, whether that be to new nomadic paradises, as seen in our Footwear Concepts, or into virtual reality inspired gaming worlds, as highlighted in our Casual Forecast. Even when we take a nostalgic look backwards for inspiration, the recurring message is resolutely focused on drawing out the key historical essence, then rethinking and repurposing it for today.
When it came to the visual identity of this issue, it therefore seemed the perfect choice to approach someone to collaborate with us for our cover whose entire identity in the public realm has been built upon challenging the norm and not conforming. Laser 3.14 is a street poet with real integrity. His canvas is the city of Amsterdam, but he does not deface architecture, he writes inspiring, stop-you-in-the-street poetic prose on temporary hoardings, boarded up entryway woodwork and tarpaulins. Each statement evokes and potentially prevokes a reaction in the viewer. But these are temporary exhibition places rendering his statements transitory, meaning the messages he leaves are all based upon the moment.
When we met and discussed our concept, he immediately felt for it, because it is a statement that resonates right now, not just for him or for us, but globally. The result is a visually stunning and challenging piece of art. Our covers have always been graphic, but never dark – this is a dark one, but the underlying message is optimistic. Challenge! Explore! Create!
View2 #22 – Contents
What better way to get to grips with our magazine concept of “Out is the New In!” than to explore how this vibe is emerging in different places around the globe. So we introduce you to a brand new approach to our city street and retail reports that focuses on the people, places, cultural events and new talent not just in key fashion cities, but also in slightly off-the-beaten track towns and regions too.
In our styling trends, we see a waistcoat revival, elegant overalls and modern trench coats. A subtle layering of assorted blues show individuals are not afraid to go all out for a total blue look, but patchwork is still sowing its way into many themes. When it comes to silhouettes, think big!
This season we find the attention focused on highly decorative and ornate surfaces. A late1980s/early 90s aesthetic is also apparent but, recycled and organic yarns, new-tech (high visual impact, low environmental impact) finishing techniques and, above all, upping the game in terms of overall eco and sustainable credentials is what it is really all about.
It is a season of reflection and escapism with an overriding thread of authenticity. The result is a very human eclecticism, where relaxed silhouettes lean towards genderless dressing, functionality is a focal point and colour is balanced and mixed in new ways that sit in harmony with this mind-set. Nothing shouts out, but, at the same time, it all feels new.
Our forecast is based on virtual worlds. We try to find utopia within dystopia, by looking at the world with new eyes and striving to create a better future and keep a positive outlook. So, we have named our stories with the prefix ‘Re-’ (meaning ‘back’ or ‘again’) as a sense of rejection of the old, or the wrongs of the past, to push for regeneration.
A new section to View2, our Athleisure Concepts focus on a life in transition. The world has never been so accessible, digitally and physically, and so we live in a state of constant motion – place to place, hot to cold, light to dark. The versatility of active silhouettes, textiles and details mean we can transition through multiple scenarios in a single outfit.
Athleisure – a term not so long ago penned as a fad or a trend has now evolved into THE buzzword of the moment. With that in mind, we introduce you to Ross Weir, a sports technologist and delve deeper in to The Science Behind Athleisure.
Our fabric section shines a spotlight on some of the latest innovations in fabrics, fibres and technologies for the activewear market. From new, hybrid solutions that partition fibres and jacquard structures into zones providing seamless garment functionality to strong, environmentally sustainable approaches to fabric production, there is a lot to get excited about.
The power of the collective over the individual is brought to the fore once more, as sportswear sets aside the cult of the celebrity in favour of pragmatic product focus and a knowledge-driven core. Low on branding and devoid of slogans, but high on tactility and technologic advances.
Everything is becoming fluid – from gender to borders, to jobs, time and even reality. This has everybody feeling restless and continuously on the lookout for new horizons as well as new roots. All our concepts deal with escapes to different forms of shelter and paradise, yet they all revolve around being always on the move.
Each story explores the relationship between digital and analogue design processes. As our lifestyles become increasingly multifaceted, a new utilitarian approach is applied to multi-functional accessories for the urban nomad. In stark contrast, we see the evolution of honest and authentic hand-crafted design.
An interview with Mohsin Sajid and our usual round up of all the best new websites and apps.