TV #117: SPRING 2017

Welcome to our new-look, new-concept Textile View magazine, which we hope will help guide you through the demanding times ahead. First, we have redesigned the look of our “textile bible” to make it cleaner looking, easier to read and straightforward to navigate. Of course, we stand by the core and heart of the product, which is built round high quality analyses and forecasts of textile design and fashion directions, but we have added new sections to reflect the changes we have been witnessing and reporting on in our business.
These adjustments start with a new approach to our “City Views”, where we look more deeply into selected, up-and-coming destinations to see how reorientations in consumer lifestyle and behaviour have affected local dress codes and retail development. Our “Season in Review” section is completely new. In the trend business, it is all too easy to go from one new look to the next without stopping to see how the original idea succeeded and evolved. That is a mistake, especially as we move into seasonless fashion programmes, where trends don’t emerge to disappear and be replaced in a continuous cycle, but evolve and develop. So, in “Season in Review”, we trace the unrolling and progress of some of the stand-out colours, items and silhouettes that have emerged in recent seasons – not from a trend-book base, but from the shop floor, highlighting specific developments and sharing our view on how these will move on, in an easy-to-read, infographic format.
The growing importance of trans-seasonal thinking brings us to our third new section, “Season in Transition”, where we focus on some of the noteworthy fabrics that will bridge the months from one season to the next (in this issue, we cover summer to autumn 2018). We deliberately take a gender-neutral approach here, focusing neither on menswear nor womenswear, preferring to leave these pages open to interpretation. With longevity and versatility the watchwords of the moment, and consumers forsaking fast, throwaway fashion for longer-term investment buys, we believe that the trans-seasonal or seasonless aspect of the business can only grow.
City view: we have reveamped this section to look to explore deeper in not necessarily fashion capitals but new city scapes where ideas are developing to become mainstream in the future.
Season in review: Autumn/Winter 17/18
Season in Review: our new feature where we trace, through infographics, the unrolling and progress of some of the stand out colours, items or silhouettes that have emerged in recent seasons
Menswear r-t-w designers: with the latest A/W17/18 shows, we are invited to observe the real world with all its diversity, its commonplace, its inclusivity, its openness and merging of all creative concepts.
Season in focus: Spring/Summer 2018
Womenswear inspirations, colours, styling: Summer 18 moves around two distinctive spheres of influence acting together to bring about change. Picking up on the global atmosphere of transformation and revolution, the future is looking set for a rocky ride: we identify two clear realms that reflect the mood.
Womenswear trimmings and accessories: accessories and trimmings concentrate on the concept of personal empowerment, as fashion continues to celebrate personality, gender and individuality as well as family heritage, origin and provenance.
Womenswear fabrics: the key to success this summer is to exceed expectations, to have an open mind about what belongs where and when, and, above all, to present the world with some astonishing combinations.
Casualwear colours and styling: as global interconnectedness facilitates communication and knowledge of new nations, planets and possibilities, some seek adventure and unpredictability abroad, while others crave simplicity, crossing borders to escape danger, destruction and information overload.
Menswear colours, styling and fabrics: an overall feeling of authenticity envelopes the season, as we observe the development of themes that focus on the re-emergence of hand-crafted, analogue processes.
Season in transition
Summer/Autumn 2018
Season in transition: transitional ranges and the evolution of seasonless core items, updated in relevant fabrics and styling details.
Forward view
Autumn/Winter 18/19
Womenswear and menswear fabric and colour forecast: designers are tapping into the conversations of our times so that their contribution to the world will reflect the concerns of our age. One interesting topic in discussion is how to change fashion garments into real luxury items that are everlasting rather than seasonal and touch the people, who wear them, on many levels.
Print design forecast: the trend is Individualism. It is about the rejection of conformity, normality and the ideal. We now want to live without anxiety and the autocracy of search engines. We need immunity from filters that mirror previous choices and offer only versions of things already experienced.
Out of fashion | the new fashion: Birgitta de Vos’ world journey to meet long forgotten textile makers and methods