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We have been writing so much over the last year about change and a new post-covid landscape that we thought we should take a dose of our own medicine. So welcome to the new VIEW!

Transformation in both traditional publishing and orthodox fashion systems was always on the way, but the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this. We are now facing a very altered environment and we at VIEW Publications have been busy adapting ourselves to meet the manifold and diverse demands that come with it.

Stepping forward, we have decided to break down old fashion walls and product segmentation by combining the casual and athleisure content base of our old View2 with the modern-classic content of Textile View Magazine. In our newly styled magazine, we will be looking at ways to action and deliver ideas in a genderless, seasonless and trans-generational manner – all connected to the latest developments in responsible and sustainable manufacturing!

Welcome to a new VIEW – forecasting with ethical product solution by experts from across the industry appealing to a wide audience that covers brand strategists, designers, manufacturers, retailers and many others. We hope that you will agree that we have introduced a dynamic, younger approach concerning marketing, progressive manufacturing and responsible fashion, but kept the soul of the old View products – professionally analysed and beautifully presented trends, colours, fabrics and accessories.

01 Essentials

It’s time to venture into the unknown and explore the notion of creativity at its core. Changing the system means going beyond our established norms and merely switching up the way garments look or feel each season. Instead, it’s time to take a step back and assess each garment as a product of its origins.

The future of making – pushing for future-proof performance textiles

The future of business directions – cultivating community

The future of branding – reconnecting with nature

The future for designers – biodesign

02 Contemporary  Spring/Summer 2022

We see a friendly, interactive approach emerging: true collaboration where reciprocity is valued and warm hearted results emerge from these creative kinships. It’s a time to re-evaluate old hierarchies and move towards inclusivity with renewed passion and purpose.

Fabric Headlines – marketing and development news in fabrics and fibres

Womenswear – styling, fabrics, knits and accessories for Spring/Summer 2022

Menswear – styling, colours, suitings and shirtings for Spring/Summer 2022

03 Casual & Athleisure Spring/Summer 2022

With nature and future proofing at the forefront of consumer’s minds, product lifecycles are being put under the microscope. Forward-thinking brands are focusing on reducing material waste, creating methods of reutilising production waste or creating products derived from natural resources, which will biodegrade within a matter of days or weeks. Consumers are questioning societal norms and taking product lifecycles into their own hands, as evidenced by the continued growth in second-hand sales

Fabric Headlines – marketing and development news in fabrics and fibres

Casual, athelisure and denim concepts – fabrics and accessories for Spring/Summer 2022

04 Forward Matter
Creatives are questioning the way forward as well as debating their powers and how to use them to send positive messages and create change. A disruptive community is pointing the way by transforming extreme challenges into creative proposals and smart solutions for a more caring and respectful society. Time is running out; the new world is already here and the mainstream, orthodox system needs to keep up with this new language.

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