Textile View #130

If you believe all that you read, many things will never be the same again after the coronavirus pandemic. But it’s not the first time that we have stared disaster in the face and expected transformation. As the financial crisis of 2008 showed us, it takes more than hope to change the world. So, it is to be reset or restoration? No one can answer that question, because no one knows what’s going to happen once the coronavirus has subsided – or when or if we will find a vaccine. The best prophet, wrote Thomas Hobbes, is the best guesser. However, one thing is sure: what the consumer is searching for now is security, trustworthiness and clarity.


We need to accept that the pandemic and the damage it has done has not necessarily changed the world, rather it has accelerated trends that were already shaping business. When it comes to deglobalisation, companies have been busy lowering their exposure to countries that carry high geopolitical or health risks for some time. We have been talking about data for many years now and it can only encroach further on our lives. In purely business terms, anything that promises to reduce stock and minimise risk has to be a plus. The virus has also opened the door to a robotic army and the post-coronavirus workforce could look quite different. Economic downturns have a habit of spurring automation.


And fashion? The sector is expected to contract by 27-30% this year, according to the State of Fashion 2020 Coronavirus Update report by the Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Company. It hasn’t been easy for the fashion industry for some time, but “doing the right thing” was not only the fashion norm of 2019, but also encapsulated much of the industry’s response to the pandemic.

Publisher’s view
By 2022 the world will be fundamentally changed, much the same, or somewhere in between. We think it will probably be much the same but, hopefully, with some significant changes.

Design and lifestyle – touching consumer hearts as well as their minds!
In this era of data, algorithms, bots, and a self-learning internet of everything, where does the boundary between man and machine actually lie? What separates out human intelligence from artificial intelligence?

Autumn/Winter 20/21

Womenswear designer fabrics, silhouettes and styling details
Navigating extremely challenging territory, the best collections showed an assertive show of strength: forceful statements, packed with confidence.

Menswear designer messages
Free expression. The profundity of being male… Is there any such thing as ‘the mainstream man’? We think not. Today and tomorrow is all about blending and nuance.

Spring/Summer 2021

The latest additions to womenswear collections with pointers to A/W 21/22
There are those that say it’s a ‘lost season’ and that retailers will just box current Summer 2020 merchandise until next year. We don’t agree. There will be a season, but the approach will be different with buying done in a more directed, less seasonal way.

Menswear fabric orientations
10 new looks, where a new lightness is key and plains are favoured over elaborate effects to build the basics. Natural, dry and textured eco materials contrast with refined smoothness and ultra-light technical styles.

Autumn/Winter 20/21

Womenswear fabric and colour forecast
In these uncertain times, creativity will flourish as we become more focused and resourceful. We will be able to rethink all aspects of our profession, taking time to reflect on our world’s magnificently diverse cultures.

Menswear colours, styling and fabrics
A ‘hopepunk’ feeling envelops the season, with positivity being driven by community, creativity and reconsidered consumerism.

Accessories & trimmings forecast and inspirations
Under high protection. A vision of the future that aims to be cerebral and survivalist, where the driving forces are built on a new balance of forms and volumes.

Womenswear knitwear colours, yarns and styling
We gravitate towards things that hold personal or collective meaning, discarding the superficial and short lived and diving deeper for our inspiration.

Menswear knitwear styling concepts
Creatives are confined to their homes with limited access to new inspiration and, with travel this year unlikely, they will search for alternative resources and find their surroundings the catalyst for revitalised creativity.


Fibres & fabrics
This season’s yarn and fabric fairs were driven by sustainability and eco responsibility, with many yarn and fabric choices taking account of sustainable criteria. Certainly, every fair is giving the issues more space.

City view
With nowhere to travel in light of lockdowns, in place of our regular ‘City View’ feature, we take a look at how industries have adapted and how culture, inspiration and escapism has moved online.

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