Textile View #128


Are we living in a post-happiness world? The question is being raised. According to the 2019 World Happiness Report, which ranks 156 countries based on inhabitants’ perceptions of their wellbeing, happiness in the United States is declining. Americans said they were less content in 2018 than a year earlier, ranking at number 19 in the list, behind Australia (11) and Canada (9). The UK comes in at number 15. The 24-hour news cycle, combined with the onslaught of natural disasters, social upheaval, political strife and economic uncertainty is challenging much of the world and psychologists say anxiety is on the rise.

Experts define happiness as a positive state of overall wellbeing combined with a sense that one’s life has meaning. Joy, by contrast, is delight in moments that, by their nature, are fleeting: we don’t need to be happy to feel joy. That could be why consumers are in love with ephemeral events and moments, such as the Hanami cherry blossom viewing festival in Japan or catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Certainly, marketers have caught onto the concept of ‘joy’. It is used to sell boxes at Ikea. It is included in ads for drinks at McDonald’s and as a prescriptive for female hygiene. There are T-shirts that shout joy as an ‘act of resistance’. There is the Chasing Joy podcast. And a number of books are being published this year devoted to joyful living, covering topics such as marriage, productivity, and positive thinking.

Winter 2019
Publisher’s view: as the textile industry fight to clean up its image with the public, we look at how “honesty is the new authenticity”.

Winter 2019
Lifestyle: climate change isn’t an abstract concept; the changing environment will impact every aspect of our lives: what we wear, eat, do and where we live.

Winter 2019
Lace archive: a look at handmade lace, which requires exceptional skill and patience, is the antithesis of contemporary textile production.

Spring/Summer 2020
Womenswear designer colours and colour mixes: reflecting on the past is another key influence for S/S 20 colour trends with designers revisiting the minimalism of the 1990s with a revival of electrifying neons highlighting the calming influence of a simple monochrome palette.

Spring/Summer 2020
Womenswear designer fabrics, silhouettes and styling details: in a time of crisis, and for sure we are in those times, fashion can act as a distraction or can pick up the mantle and become a trailblazer?

Spring/Summer 2021

Womenswear fabric and colour forecast: nature’s beauty and diversity continues to inspire textile designs, through astonishing colour combinations

Spring/Summer 2021
Menswear colours, styling and fabrics: the shift towards more balanced lifestyles, that make time for nature and the great outdoors, inspires an uptake in naturally occurring colourings.   

Spring/Summer 2021
Womenswear knitwear colours, yarns and styling: our heightened sensitivity directs the way, pointing towards knits that are soothing to touch and shapes that are comforting to wear.

Spring/Summer 2021
Menswear knitwear styling concepts: we are inspired by the past in ways we would probably deem romantic and somehow picturesque

Autumn/Winter 21/22
Knitwear forecast: creativity will save us all. Immersive colour, escapist textures and sensory modernity step forward in new A/W 21/22, knitwear looks.     

City view: city of the moment, Toronto

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