Textile View #127

A season through the lens of sustainability

It is impossible to analyse trend directions for the upcoming season without filtering them through the lens of climate change issues and the urgent need to take action within our industry. Designers are taking up the mantle and grasping opportunities to inspire positive change. We are seeing a surge in material developments that offer both high- and low-tech solutions to reducing waste and creating low polluting textile alternatives.

One solution explores natural and unrefined selections, eliminating contaminating processes in fabrics and colours that need little or no environmentally detrimental interventions. Another approach captures possibilities within bio- science leading to technically fascinating outcomes in colours that shift and glow or ultra- lightweights in layers of intriguing translucency.

Recycling and re-purposing continues to be a powerful driver with composites and random multi-mixes of colour, material and global influences coming together in bright happy unions.

Finally, in the effort to move far from disposable cheap consumerism, we see a focus on the special; elite product that is beautifully crafted, precious and made to be cherished. Colour in this area is dark and rich with a layer of glassy translucency or metallic coating on top.

Publisher’s view

The textile industry is facing its gravest crisis in decades, in terms of both image and sales. Sustainability and digitalisation are the panaceas that everyone is turning to. But will they work and are they enough?

The Future of Making

Six themes that will shape future fashion thinking. Diversity is key, aS we dive deep into innovations that stand for more than the matter they are made of.


Artificial intelligence can be used to create human-like intelligence, but it could also be used as something more spiritual, enriching and truly helpful.

MW messages S/S 2020

Men are embracing a new sensuality, liberating them from old associations of toughness and aggression. Strength is shown through sensitivity and shared purpose

Womenswear colours  A/W 20/21

We begin our experiment with colours this season by considering them in their purity, free from any association with form, leaving us open to explore the dynamics between shades.

Womenswear key looks A/W 20/21

Wrapped up, protective and sheltered; raw, fleecy, brushed, hairy and unravelling pieces are fashioned into unstructured shapes built up layer-on-layer.

Womenswear trimmings and accessories A/W 20/21

Fashion stories adopt the movement of multi-faceted empowerment amongst women in a wide variety of strong statements and layered messages.

Casualwear colours and styling A/W 20/21

From authentic and ethically sourced fabrics and products, re-cycled and re-worked designs, technical innovation to handcrafted, bespoke looks and styling, there’s a new kind of hybridity permeating the market.

Menswear orientations the final directions A/W 20/21

There are two pathways this season: one is the safety route, where neutrals in modest monochromes and classic patterns prevail; the second narrative is all colour and warmth with reds and ochres leading the way.

Print design forecast S/S 2021

We have even more passion now for our gardens and living in green, so we should let nature dictate the colours in co-creation of relaxed prints that seem as if the plants have simply put themselves there.

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