Textile View #123


After 25 years of trying, the fashion world has suddenly woken up to the imperatives of sustainability, environmental control, wastage and recycling. Technology and synthetics were seen as the enemy, the propagators of stuffocation and fast obsolescence. But not anymore! If we are to really confront the terrible impact of consumption, then we not only have to tackle sustainability and recycling issues in the processing and manufacturing stages but combine them with winning aesthetics at the design stage. To do this, we need to believe in innovation and technology as much as reduction and recyclability as the ways forward to what we most love and aspire to, to fabrics that are desirable, inclusive and serviceable and garments that make us look beautiful. As we say in our Fabric Preview S/S 2020, where we list nine ways to achieve this, we should never forget that its aesthetics that really enable us to connect with what we wear. Technology provides the freedom to create anything we want: our values set the boundaries to make it human and sustainable. It’s a wonderful new combination, as we set out to show in our Lifestyle pages,‘The Next Phase in Making and Creating’.

Publisher’s view

Luxury that is democratic and open to all is quite a step away from the scenario where elitism and exclusivity were its very raison d’être. Who will manage the change?

City view

We look at Frome, a multi-award winning, culturally vibrant market town in Somerset that prides itself on its independence, its strong spirit of community, innovation and enterprise.

Season highs & lows

What were the real winners S/S 2018 in retail and how will that influence S/S 2019

Menswear r-t-w designer styling & colours

There is a contemporary lexicon of menswear that defines a new establishment: it features the tracksuit at its core. The tracksuit is not a suit, but is the sharpest way for men to dress right now.

Menswear r-t-w designer fabric analysis

Designers are rejecting the old norms and tired categorization of clothing and, instead, looking to think intelligently about new material choices that are lifting menswear into other realms.

Womenswear inspirations

A new assertiveness is emerging that shines a light on our future direction. Young people are embracing the immense difficulties facing humanity with courage and mettle.

Womenswear colours

We power down and take a brush and some paints and rediscover how colours really sit together and how each hue gradates and flows from deep intensity to softer tints.

Womenswear key looks

Fashion is responding to the ever-increasing multidisciplinary approach within creative trainings, where boundaries are blurred between art, science and product.

Womenswear fabrics

Autumn/Winter 19/20 is a season of contradictions, a season when fashion takes on new meanings to reflect the changes in the world around us.

Womenswear trimmings and accessories

A new freedom of independence, optimism and personalization is in the air, creating a disorderly burst of energy, creativity and vitality. Fashion is liberating itself, stepping firmly ahead into a promising future.

Casualwear colours and styling

Fashion and design is at the forefront of the fight to save the planet, as we embrace accountability and preservation. Research, technology and design are the keys to change.

Menswear orientations

Men’s fabrication this winter leant heavily towards multi-styles of design, scale and pattern making, with the check holding pole position: patterned clean or hazy, pure tech and raspy or luxe-soft and relaxed.

Womenswear and menswear fabric and colour forecast

We came up with the following nine textile design strategies for positive change within in the industry. 

Print design forecast

Start to influence the world with your imagination not with your nightmares. Dream of beauty! Dream of tolerance! Dream of art! Dream…

Lifestyle trends

New ways of making and creating bring unlimited freedom in design. Do the unexpected, be wild, unique and rebellious.

The future of making

This overview presents meaningful developments focusing mainly on young designers and recent graduates as symbols of progression, opportunity and potential.