If there has ever been a time when humans need to feel connected to others, it is now.

Long periods, where we were required to physically disconnect from one another, brought out a certain duality in our needs and behaviour. On the one hand, we were grateful to technology for allowing us to see and talked to loved ones, for moving culture, entertainment and escapism online; on the other, our very human need for tangible, corporeal interrelations was brought starkly to the fore.

Connection between entities can be based on actual needs or conceptual, illusory or imaginary desires.  These different types of connectivity can be broadly arranged into right brain (creative, emotional, spiritual) and left brain (logical, physical, sensory) traits.

In the same way that our right and left brain bring these opposing elements together, we see a similar sense of duality in our approach to S/S 2022 with apparent opposites coming to work in union. We see sporty and energetic colour with eternal couture shades; we connect the hyper digital with the super material; the vertical with the horizontal; the individual with the collective; and the crafted with the virtual.

This book is about connectivity – not just about human connectivity but things that seem to be opposites. Our palettes try to reflect the various possibilities that are emerging today in a range of colours that embrace the calm and healing as well as a rainbow of hope.

Ember red, coral and fuchsia come from deep within the Internet and reflect new digital art forms. Heightened by the energy of gaming technology, they appear to radiate out from screens.

This palette is a journey from the shadows into the light. It is a quiet, contemplative range. We begin with a mineral black that acts as a foundation for a delicate misty grey and a cloudy, bluish-white.

A pragmatic and unified palette, expressed through earth tones and fruity ochres, while the other colours, the greenish blue and medium industrial grey, add a more technical and functional accent.

A new understanding of neutrality with considered, frictionless clarity. Mild, sensorial and reflective hues where soft, earthy, infused vegetal and airy, burgeoning tones create a very tender visual mood.

Essentially, this is a classic narrative of familiar colours that feature two adjusted brights: a cool mid blue and a warm, russet cotta. A soft, clean white and a warm, lively chamois neutral complete the story’s core.

This gentle palette of tactile and pliable colour begins with four shades filled with warmth. Touchable terracotta pales into creamy hues of milky toffee, soft peach and delicate pink.

Airy and elusive soft pastels with brilliant white: to be used as tints and ombré shades. They create a feeling of spaciousness and light. These colours are seen in future facing end-uses plus quieter luxe products.

Cheerful happy brights that evoke pleasure and joy. Lemon yellow and the punchy orange are key colours in this story and they sit companionably with the soft green and powerful jewel blue.