Outsmarting who?
At first glance, the arrival of beacon retailing, wearable technology and the Internet of Things seemed to be opening up a whole new future to retailers – provided they had a great “phygital” policy in place, as exemplified by Burberry and its Regent Street flagship store. But, as the saying goes, beware of Greeks bearing gifts!
The Gartner research firm predicts that the number of wirelessly connected products in existence (not including smartphones or computers) will increase from around 5 billion today to 21 billion by 2020. The blessings of connecting up objects are most easily seen in stock-keeping and supply-chain management, as businesses will be able to follow the progress of their products from factory to shop to end consumer.
However, the biggest blessing of all is that products will be able to “speak” to whoever handles them. As noted in our Publisher’s View (Authentically Yours) branding in its traditional form is rapidly losing ground to building personal relationships with customers. Retailers have already made inroads through loyalty cards; companies such as Amazon follow shoppers’ likes and dislikes to suggest next buys; Google is integrating user data into its products to move into new areas such as home maintenance via its Nest smart thermostats.
As it becomes cheaper to add microchips to products, manufacturers too will know lots more about how consumers are using their goods. Of course, this will help them develop products more rapidly, fix faults and tailor concepts to an individual buyer’s needs. But this kind of connectivity will also put manufacturers on an equal footing with retailers and the owners of technology platforms such as Google, making them able to strike up direct conversations with their customers and strive for their loyalty, thereby setting up a new era of competition. Suddenly, a whole new future seems possible as manufacturers expand from just making products into providing services connected with their goods. They will no longer be bottom of the pile, hidden away behind layers of marketing, branding and retailing, but kings of the realm.
Spring is the season of rebirth, rejuvenation, resurrection and regrowth. This magical season, filled with explosions of colour, is visualised using the idea of the optical illusion of reflections and the classical element, earth.
Winter 16/17
Menswear r-t-w designers
Cultural Hybrids within the globalised world of cultural hybridisation, fashion thrives on its own melanges, re-inventing for us ways of being, living, thinking, doing, creating, and, of course, inspiring.
Summer 2017
Womenswear inspirations 
Ephemeral many artists and designers are striving to push boundaries and explore our assumptions about clothing: what we wear and why. Barriers dissolve between art and design and where function begins and ends.
Womenswear styling 
Design polarities there are two significant stories to tell for summer when it comes to shape. The first takes on gentle lines, drawing on the curvaceousness of the body. The second look presents strong and defined outlines in bold sculptural forms.
Womenswear trimmings and accessories
Woman power stories are shaken, disturbed and slightly strange at times, but the result is always rich, personal and above all unconventionally feminine.
Casualwear colours and styling
Back to nature across colour, styling, mood and fabrications, Mother Nature is our guide for S/S 2017. As our lives become more enmeshed with and even governed by technology, we crave a softer, simpler life, influenced by the forces of nature.
Menswear colours, styling and fabrics
The return to authentic influences this season, the focus is undeniably rooted in casual styling as sports influences continue to infiltrate tailoring and we take a distinct step away from the cleaner, minimalist routes of recent seasons.
Winter 17/18 
Womenswear and menswear fabric and colour forecast
Micro cosmos living in today’s totally disrupted society triggers us to design in a disruptive manner. Let’s look at the world from below up and see, if seeing things on a different scale, doesn’t put things back into perspective.
Print design forecast 
Art in layers once again, fashion and art fuse together, with layering of textures in sculpture and exquisite finishes creating new silhouettes and fresh ideas for print…