Love lifts us up, yet, paradoxically, we fall in love. We experience many different forms of love in our lives. When we are children we experience unconditional love that is simple and pure. It cocoons us. As we grow, it becomes less steady, more widely given and more unpredictable. We fall in love with our idols, we love our friends, we love objects, places and ideas. These different forms of love can be rich, fun, deep or shallow. This notion of waxing and waning, the fleeting and the constant, is expressed in our seasonal palettes. Just like our concept of love, the palettes are designed to uplift us, make us feel happy and, yes, sad too.
These are turbulent times, both politically and socially. In 1967 John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote “All You Need Is Love”. Surely now is the perfect time to reiterate that message to all mankind?


“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”
Albert Einstein.
Barely-there tints that are tranquil and discreet: these colours are important summer staples and work across all end-use areas, equally strong in exclusive luxe products, fashion forward ranges and new architectural expressions.
Colour drains away leaving a small family of neutral shades. We start with white, the purest base from which to commence, closely followed by silver, a reflective point amongst the calm. Grey and black complete a sombre picture.
A cool graduation of buoyant and frothy turquoises, greens and deep water tones cleanly sparkle together against a restrained and soft, cool taupe. They are the multi-taskers of the season.
This reduced palette of adapted and evelved pinks is employed to explore ideas of opposites: dark and light, masculine and feminine. Layered together and in any order, there are no rules concerning proportion.
This range of transitional greens and browns continues to be important and can be used across varied end-use platforms, both in casual, relaxed environments and in more vibrant, modern products.
In our brightest summer palette, we see a power-based red and a startling orange glow throb against a utilitarian blue and a fresher turquoise.
Timeless tones from earth and clay that rely on basic instinct to point us back to true and certain things what really matters, our history, our ancestors and the physical world beneath our feet.
A lilac, a soft yellow, a cheesy pink and a menthol green make up a proposal where colour is transparent and light, mutant or static but, by its very essentiality, always welcoming and friendly.
After our last winter selection of transitional blues ebbing into turquoise, we choose new densities for summer, from the material to the airy, bearing in mind how these hues affect the raw material they are applied to.
Choosing white is a strong and assertive choice that takes us away from confused, recurring chromatics. White in art, architecture, design and fashion signifies renewal, starting again with purpose. 
Veneration + White Love
After our last winter selection of transitional blues ebbing into turquoise, we choose new densities for summer, from the material to the airy. We balance these with a strong and assertive choice of four hues of white. We finish off with a touch of gold.