“Don’t ask me where I’m from, ask where I’m a local. ”
Taiye Selasi in her TED talk
We are weathering turbulent times. Is it no wonder we feel the need to nest, to retreat into something comforting and familiar, avidly exploring concepts such as lagom (just the right amount – Sweden), hygge (a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality – Norway and Denmark) and now coorie (the Scottish for cuddling up).
For some for us, our nest is a place of safety; it can be somewhere in our mind’s eye, or it can be a collection of people, not a destination at all. Sometimes, it is just an abstract feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on – our happy place.
Wherever is it, whatever it is, the desire to make something we can return to is a need so deep, we cannot shake it off. It seems we are not so different from denning animals and leaping salmon.
A transitional family of four green centered colours that form a cool reflective palette infected with a touch of turquoise. Living in nature, it stands as a clear and confident advent for summer 2021.
This is a nostalgic collection of pastels that oscillate between past and present. Neither classic nor modern, they remind us of domestic childhood favourites such as cake icing, and rose scented soap. 
Gentle neutral shades, with a strange and quiet benevolence, imagined as an inflated protecting cocoon, acting as a buffer between the outside and the inside.
To enjoy the warmth, the personal freedom and the simple or not so simple pleasures of being at home. A secret place in which to enjoy your own madness!
These colours are some of the key building blocks for the winter palette. They are a restful, balanced and considered group of soothing pales and, together, they meld and work impeccably with the stronger tones in the collection.
Four strong and muscular colours that have both intensity and depth: they are versatile, lending themselves to many end-uses. This is true hybrid-wear and is genderless in outlook.
A mysterious, metallic purple mixes with lilac, duck egg and a wispy pale blue. This is a palette that straddles nature and science, sometimes surreal and sometimes familiar.
These shaded winter darks hover around the idea of black without its harshness. They are more focused on dimension and substance, rocking between faux luxe and a brute minerality.