We all have our time machines, don’t we? Those that take us back are memories… and those that carry us forward, are dreams.” – HG Well

The concept of time is an integral part of our lives, woven into our everyday language. Time defines what we are doing, thinking, planning and feeling. We constantly measure time to see how much we can accomplish. Information must be relayed in “real time”. Time limits frustrate us, while spare time is a luxury. Time is a commodity; we spend it, we waste it, we use it wisely, we devote it to others, we lose track of it.
Time is something that we don’t want to run out of. Like a spool of everlasting thread, anchored somewhere in the darkness, it winds out of the past and on into the future, connecting us all in complex ways. It is the one unalterable, dependable thing that cannot be broken or stretched – yet.
This season’s Colour Planner tries to capture the many facets of time: the fast and furious, the slow and simple, the past and future. We reinterpret tropes that feel conventional and pair them with scenarios that are far removed from conventional. Colours range from classic formats through to fully saturated, punchy narratives. It’s a balance between the familiar and the strange, the dark and the light.
A simple but nuanced set of four near-neutrals quietly headline this enduring and naturally inspired story – a mute, honest and calm introduction to the season.
Rusts, and corroded greens – coloured neutrality each symbolising the passing of time and how this affects living matter.
The myths of the beginning of time tell of deep darkness, which we represent, here, with a indefinite, dusty blue teamed to the colours of rocks, illuminated by light.
These rich, weighty, winter brights are used liberally and with exuberance. They are equal in importance and can be used as single colour, solid statements or together in simple combinations.
The speed of light and blurred vision influence all the colours here. Obscure darks are the background against which rushing brights hit, collide, and slam into each other.
From a base of vivid, fractured and heated brights, we explore the split second movement that animated colour brings. Intensely hot shades of red gradually chill down to first purples and then blues.
A predominately monochrome palette with touches of the lightest hues that infiltrate and permeate each other. Black and white are universal and ever-present.
Last season’s transitional blues ebb into the realm of turquoise.  Although they are content to mingle with one another, they are, in fact, designed to be contrasted with other shades from outside the blue family.
The green colours here make up a seasonless, transitional range featuring various hues, each one with its own identity.