View Two #28

View Two #28

In With the New

With a brand new decade stretching out before us we contemplate the future (and the past) more so than ever, considering the big shifts and evolutions the next ten years may bring. Hoping to emerge and recuperate from years of global political upheaval, there certainly seems to be a hint of hope in the air as individuals, communities and businesses pledge to find their own solutions, working collaboratively to identify and pursue unified goals.

Positive change is on the horizon. In the world of fashion and textiles, substantial developments continue to come through from innovative mills and manufacturers. Realistic routes to establishing circular economies are evolving, and the presence of recycled, recyclable and biodegradable fabrics across key tradeshows are on the up.

Markets continue to merge and evolve. What started out as the ‘athleisure’ trend, a fad to some, is now permanently rooted within our everyday wardrobes. This performance lifestyle aesthetic has become so intertwined, and so paramount to the way we dress, that these now ‘core’ pieces are almost completely inseparable from our casual and denim looks.

It is for this reason that we have shaken up our approach to delivering your seasonal trend information in this issue of View Two Magazine. Each of the five themes laid out here – Purpose, Off-Centre, Tactility, Near Future and Transformation – show the complete seasonal picture, supporting concept development and merchandising across casual, denim and athleisure markets for spring summer 2021. While some themes are slightly more weighted towards casual and denim end looks, you will find others are more heavily influenced by performance lifestyle wear.

The five seasonal themes are supported by our Key Denim Details, covering the essential move-ons showcased at Kingpins and Denim Premiere Vision, as well as our Key Seasonal Concepts feature, which highlights the major recurring themes through nine succinct looks pulled from the rails of vintage dealers, lesser known designers and established brands.

City Safari: Manchester
Having played a pivotal role in the history of cotton, global textile production and broader industries, the northern powerhouse of Manchester is now home to a flourishing crowd of fashion manufacturers, creative businesses, digital innovators and global brand headquarters.

Key Concepts: S/S 2021
We explore the season’s key concepts through a series of looks curated with the support of vintage dealers, enterprising international designers and established brands. Nine succinct looks epitomise the key looks and details that inspire our fabric sectors from denim and casual to performance and lifestyle wear.

Denim Details: The Key Seasonal Statements
Our edit of the latest and most commercially relevant updates in denim detailing for the spring summer 2021 season, presented by leading mills and manufacturers at Kingpins Amsterdam, Denim Première Vision and Bluezone by Munich Fabric Start. Here we show one of our stories, Petal Pinks, a must have for the season as coloured denim continues to trend.

Meet the Maker – 496 Fabric Lab
As founder and creative director of the pioneering Taiwanese denim mill 496 Fabric Lab, Wayne Chiang discusses his career, his inspirations and latest indigo jacquard innovations.

Seasonal Themes: Purpose
It is more important than ever that across all fields, design must be purposeful and have meaning. Sustainable fabric selections, local production and gentle finishings are key.

Seasonal Themes: Off-Centre
Nostalgia and authenticity have never looked so fresh. This modern retro theme takes inspiration from urban sports & subcultures who have traditionally sat outside of society’s ‘norms’.

Seasonal Themes: Tactility
Global craftsmanship is celebrated without borders as a melting pot of pre-loved references are reworked into casual, denim and athleisure silhouettes.

Seasonal Themes: Near Future
Sci-fi like uniform looks merge high-end styling with high-tech performance. Functional detailing and technical fabrications are worked into hybridised garments with a futuristic ‘life proof’ aesthetic.

Seasonal Themes: Transformation
Rooted in wellbeing and self-care, with a new age ritualistic undertone, transformation blends technical athleisure looks with natural influences, fabrics and finishes.

Spring/Summer 2021: Conclusions
The season as a whole feels somewhat familiar, with touches of nostalgia, but at the same time has a fresh and revitalised eccentricity. Themes explore new vintage, new nomadic and new future aesthetics.

Autumn/Winter 21/22 Preview: Resilient Nature
Resilient nature becomes one of the pivotal factors of the season as scientists, architects and designers identify new uses for easily and rapidly grown materials such as mushroom mycelium and algae.

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Saxen Weimarlaan 6HS
1075 CA Amsterdam
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View Two #27

View Two #27


For autumn/winter 20/21, we are embracing escapism, but we’re running towards new experiences rather than away from reality.

Escapism does not necessarily mean avoidance, though growing social, political and environmental pressures are weighing heavy on our minds. What we need is a moment away, to gain a little perspective. We return from our mental or physical adventures brighter, smarter and more determined.

For the new season, escapism takes many forms. Whether we seek silence as a way to avoid noisy modern life, or experiment with psychedelia to discover new perspectives, we are looking for solace and wisdom. Nature exerts a powerful draw, especially for urbanites yearning for simplicity and peace. We’re going further into the wilderness as a way to test our limits, or finding ways to enjoy nature in everyday life. Immersive experiences are becoming even more extraordinary, allowing us to play in worlds we could never experience in real life. Technology, nature and adventure combine in different ways to lift us from our everyday experiences and help us to see the future with positivity.

01 Big Ideas

Grounding: rising urbanisation is making wild nature seem increasingly appealing. Restoration: #nofilter approach to life means no artifice. Surreal psyche: science and technology are helping us to discover the marvels of the human mind. Embodiment: for homebodies and nature-lovers, the natural world is coming closer. Other-worldly: the fantastical visions of science fiction are becoming more achievable.

02 Denim

Denim Archive: the key ideas driving denim trends for AW20/21, selected from the archives of denim collector and consultant Gill Riddell. Denim concepts: from 90’s dance and skate culture to decadently decorated looks that verge on poor taste, variety is key. Denim fabric themes: ornamental; vegetal; distressed; winter warmth; workwear. Meet the maker: creative director of Arvind, Vicksit Mehta discusses childhood fashion experiments, journaling, social values and sustainability.

03 Casual Concepts

Interurban: New York city slick meets Seattle grunge as traditional plaids and stripes are reworked; Unprocessed: A #nofilter approach to life drives the focus towards transparency, honesty and raw tactility. Against the grain: a dreamlike theme of psychedelic fabric treatments and desaturated brights. Homebodies: A softened utility look and feel focuses on comfort and ease, providing a much-needed retreat from busy, structured lifestyles. Mission: science fiction and reality combine as we explore the potential of commercial space tourism and the colonization of Mars.

04 Athleisure Statements

Refresh: muted mineral prints and textures come through for autumn winter 20/21; High-intensity: intensely saturated brights are blocked in vivid streetwear looks; Lounge-lover: an athleisure statement focussed on ease, comfort and calm; Modularity: contemporary leisure and streetwear pieces that focus on adaptable, modular design details. Space age: as we approach a new era of space exploration, inspiration is drawn from conceptual collaborations and science fiction.

05 Active

A more holistic approach to fitness is emerging as the importance of mental as well as physical wellbeing is highlighted by new exercise classes and activewear collaborations. Escapism continues to be a major source of inspiration for activewear, drawing colour palettes and print direction from nature and developing silhouettes that focus on unsurpassable comfort as well as performance.

06 Performance

Performance sports are in the spotlight thanks to the influence of social media, a new wave of gripping documentaries and the inclusion of new categories in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Urban streetwear inspired silhouettes, details and colour pairings are pushing the boundaries of traditional performance wear. Pieces increasingly blur the line between the mountain and the city, without compromising on functionality.

07 Active

For Spring/Summer 2021 we reach higher, feel stronger and live better. Doom and gloom may surround us, but it cannot break the human spirit. Better living is not a naïve hope but a practical approach to sustainability, inclusivity and wellbeing.

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Saxen Weimarlaan 6HS
1075 CA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

View Two #26

View Two #26

With a new year comes a fresh start, and as we turn our attention ahead to Spring/Summer 2020, putting another year of unrest and uncertainty behind us, we focus on developing
a refreshed and relaxed, laid-back aesthetic with an overall calming and nurturing effect. As we expand on our big ideas for the season, introduced in our issue 25 forecast, we continue
to explore the idea of a world in flux. Change is constant and it is transforming our everyday lives, particularly in terms of our fashion choices. While certainly not a new topic, sustainability continues to dominate textile talk. With many brands having vowed to fully overhaul their fabric selections and production methods by January 2020, it seems this season will be a key milestone for the fashion and textile industry.


The Big Ideas

We continue to explore the concept of flux, examining the interconnecting themes that surround this idea through
key cultural drivers, to build a series
of colour palettes and harmonies that epitomise each statement and envelop the season.

Denim Archive

The key ideas driving denim trends for S/S20, selected from the archives of denim collector and consultant Gill Riddell and shot on location at Paul Vogel Design.

Denim Statements

Our edit of the latest and most commercially relevant updates in denim detailing for the S/S 2020 season, presented by leading mills and manufacturers at Kingpins Amsterdam, Denim Première Vision and Bluezone by Munich Fabric Start.

Casual Concepts

A restored focus on establishing longevity and founding wardrobe staples that cross looks and seasons is propelled forwards, as manufacturers and consumers tire of waste and the repercussions of throwaway culture. Efficiency, sustainability and functionality become key words for the season.

Bio-Futures: Turning To Nature

Bio-based fibre innovations will become the future of fashion, leading the charge as we look to reduce our consumption of man-made materials. We look to the innovators that are pushing the boundaries in order to deliver more sustainable options for future production.

Athleisure Statements

Active and casual wardrobes continue to blur and become more streamlined, influenced largely by the ease and comfort of streetwear and the functionality of technical performance garments. We highlight the key crossover statements emerging for S/S 2020.

SS20 Active Concepts

Digital advances continue to push innovation in the active arena. E-sports and training experiences enhanced by virtual reality (VR) continue to grow in popularity, while the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics promise to fully immerse viewers through VR broadcasting.

AW20/21 Performance Concepts

As consumer consciousness gains new heights, the performance sector continues to lead the industry in terms of environmentally friendly design and innovative manufacturing solutions. Eco-awareness is no longer restricted to seasonal themes but envelops entire ranges across all categories. Tokyo 2020 is set to be the most sustainable Olympic Games to date

Autumn/Winter 20/21 Forecast

For A/W 20/21, we are embracing escapism, but running towards new experiences rather than away from reality. Whether we seek silence as a way to avoid noisy modern life, or experiment with psychedelia to discover new perspectives, we are looking for solace and wisdom.

View Two #25

View Two #25

Brands have realised that their consumer market has changed. It’s no longer about elitism: it’s about relevance. It’s no longer about boomers, but about reaching Generations Y and Z – consumers that would never usually take an interest in high-end fashion or tailoring and see the business models of many traditional luxury brands as uncool. Hence luxury’s sudden love affair with rappers, hip-hop, sneakers and streetwear.
The most talked-about collaboration of the moment is the appointment of Virgil Abloh, the founder of streetwear sensation Off-White, as men’s artistic director of Louis Vuitton. This encapsulates the massive change taking place in fashion at the moment and shows how luxury brands are looking to the cultural energy and business model of streetwear to stay relevant.
The question everyone is asking is whether all this truly heralds a new age of luxury streetwear, permanently changing our understanding of clothes. Certainly a ‘Millennial mindset’ is taking hold across the luxury market. Generations Y and Z are now the main growth engine of that market, driving 85% of luxury expansion last year, according to Bain & Company. By 2025, they are expected to account for 45% of total luxury goods spending.
What’s more, these generations were brought up on the internet; they live a socially networked life which streetwear, with its graphic visual approach and irony, can so much better reflect than formal fashion. We are also living in the age of drop marketing, with its constant flow of new product releases: street and athleisure are much better at providing a stream of novelty at Instagram speed than traditional luxury fashion. Most important of all, streetwear exists within a culture of collaboration, and collaboration models are one of the biggest factors driving innovation at the moment.
Big Ideas
We continue to explore the concept of ‘belonging’, examining the interconnecting themes that surround this idea through key cultural drivers, to build a series of colour palettes and harmonies that epitomise each statement and envelop the season.
Authenticity and originality drive newness as themes that reference denim heritage are re-spun for a modern audience. Western, worker and grunge influences are each revisited this season. Vintage-look washes in mid to light blues remain key, while cleaner dark rinses and washed blacks, greys and green-tinted blues offer more seasonally adapted looks.
Themes of resilience, originality and simplicity are echoed here, taking direction from the big ideas for the season, realised through fabric choice, explorative styling and the emerging move towards finding luxury within simplicity.


As the boundary between casual and active wardrobes continues to blur, we highlight the key crossover statements emerging for the AW19/20 season. Head-to-toe dark urban looks are reworked in high-tech performance fabrics for an updated ath-tility aesthetic. Everyday basics including hoodies, T-shirts and sweats are updated and reworked through asymmetric cut-about panelling, high-contrast top stitching and lacing detail inserts.

Drawing on the continued desire for escapism and the need to retreat, which we have highlighted as a key theme for the previous two seasons, the latest developments are designed to calm and re-centre the wearer, both in body and mind.
The desire for adventure and experience over physical possession remains a key consumer trend, and functionality, durability and hybrid styling remain the strongest selling points within the performancewear category.
The mood of the season is iconoclastic but thoughtful, embracing change as a positive force for current needs and future communities. Conventional thinking loses relevance as a radical new attitude comes to the fore; one that gleefully mixes ancient and futuristic, global and local, technological and spiritual.

View Two #24

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View Two #24

View Two issue 24 analysis the developing big ideas for the SS19 season, building on our forecast laid out in issue 23 to translate these concepts through commercial design capsules across denim, casual, active and performance wear. For SS19, we develop our concepts under the big idea of belonging’. Nostalgia, self-reflection, inclusivity and community are all key themes here. Athleisure remains a growing focus. No longer simply a trend, now a category in its own right, the movement is influencing all areas of the industry: denim manufacturers continue to play with the idea of athleisure crossover collections, while our performance themes explore the idea of gym-to-swim and street-to-sea. As athleisure’s influence becomes greater, this season we have chosen to focus our athleisure chapter on identifying the key crossover statements that bridge casual, active and performance wear. We also look beyond fashion to explore the broader picture, and the emerging market areas attributed to the development of all-encompassing well-being lifestyles. Meanwhile, the continued shift towards transitional dressing is fuelling an incredible surge in fabric innovations that not only focus on enhancing personal comfort, but also claim to offer cosmetic benefits. The athleisure lifestyle revolution can also be largely held accountable for a surge in electro-textile development. Fabric manufacturers have developed fabrics that utilise conductive yarns, and which are able to provide personalised, app-controlled thermoregulation. The idea of wearables that go beyond electronics and our existing perceptions of wearable technology is defnitile a theme we will be talking more about in the future. See you there!
Big Ideas SS19
This season we explore the concept of belonging’, examining the interconnecting themes that surround this idea through key cultural drivers, to build a series of colour palettes and harmonies that epitomise each statement and envelop the season.
Denim SS19
For SS19, the boldly rigid heavy weights presented for AW18 take a back seat, the focus instead turning to surprisingly soft and supple high-stretch fabrics with the look of heavier authentic weights. Authenticity is a key characteristic for the season, with improved comfort and fit.
Casual SS19
The overriding theme of belonging that envelops our Big Ideas manifests itself in casualwear through themes centred around community, self-reflection, nostalgia and youth subculture. The 90s and early 00s are key influential decades for the SS19 season.
Athleisure SS19
Athleisure is no longer just a sportswear category. Fuelled by social media and the trend for aspirational wellbeing, the work-hard, play-hard, look-good ethos is spreading into beauty, travel, work and even sleep.
Active SS19
SS19 is a season of opposites within activewear trends. Themes explore palettes that are fresh, light and delicate, with messages of body positivity and inclusivity, while others showcase a harder, tougher edge focused on mental and physical strength and translated through darker, more intense tones.
The growing desire for clothing that blurs the lines between the various aspects of our lives continues to fuel collaborations that are bringing a streetwear edge to the performance wear market, with Opening Ceremony X Columbia, Adidas Originals X Pharrell Williams and Fila X Urban Outfitters providing plenty of inspiration this season.
Realism blends with creativity, luxury elevates practicality and negatives become positives as we look towards a season that responds to troubled times with wit, wellbeing and originality. From strange and unnerving times, a sense of clarity and comfort is emerging.

View Two #23

View Two #23

Welcome to our totally re-thought and re-designed View Two. We have radically updated the magazine to bring it into line with changing market conditions and a new audience of Millennials and Gen Z’s.
Our aim is to apply context to concept and to offer a creative, aspirational view on the market as a whole with a commercial and user-friendly focus. We focus on all aspects of denim, casual, athleisure, active and performance in their pure forms, but also explore the blurring lines and boundaries between these areas in order to create a new design and lifestyle vision, that reflects exactly what’s happening in this rapidly expanding, merging and increasingly unbounded sector of the market.
From manufacturers to designers, the clear structure and build up of the magazine makes it easy to find the specific information any reader is looking for. Our combination of text and visuals have a new, cleaner feel but are still highly versatile making this product unique.
BIG IDEAS A/W 18/19 
In this issue we highlight ‘Human Connection’. Anti-establishment fervour, revolt and activism mean we are living in a time of political and social flux and uncertainty. As we seek respite and sanctuary in more conscious ways of living, concepts such as mindfulness, morality and wellbeing are coming to the fore.
For Autumn/Winter 18/19, fabric development is veering away from detail-heavy denim looks as fabric suppliers focus their attention on furthering genuine innovation and textile interest. In our pages, we highlight three key fabric themes for the season. Dramatic contrasts can be seen between denim weights. Very rigid, heavy denims of 16oz or more are contrasted against surprisingly soft and super-stretch fabrics, as well as true-knits with an authentic denim look, both of which bridge the gap into the realms of athleisure.
The social and economic factors outlined in our ‘Big Ideas’ section reference themes such as enhanced comfort, consciousness, nostalgic escapism, and the stress created by ‘stuffocation’ – having too many belongings. These are now explored in greater detail through six casual concepts, where themes continue to speak to a more gender-fluid aesthetic with functional, uniform-like outfitting and oversized, anti-bodycon silhouettes being key. The theme of comfort is further explored through our fabric stories, which see tactile combinations of corduroy, brushed and peached jerseys, velvets and dense furs.
As consumers seek greater versatility and wellbeing to slow the momentum of continually connected modern lifestyles, athleisure continues to build a defined presence on the high street. The need to switch off and unwind is seeing sportswear fabrics with enhanced comfort and performance capabilities filter into our everyday wardrobes.
As consumers seek to enhance their lives through enriched active experiences, inspiration this season comes from fitness becoming more widely regarded as a route to escape. Wellness hotels are becoming more popular, now with in-room fitness equipment, sleep programmes and dedicated concierge services to map out running routes for guests. Beyond these metropolitan retreats, military-style boot camps offer an opportunity to disconnect from the monotony of daily routine and reconnect with nature outdoors.
After decades of catering to a core demographic of middle-aged outdoor sports veterans, outdoor brands have turned their attention towards the Millennial market. This is particularly evident as clothing, footwear and accessories from outdoors brands such as Poler Stuff and Patagonia make their way into everyday urban wardrobes. Collaborations between established outdoors companies and cool young brands such as Supreme and Kith are helping this market gain further momentum.
FORECAST S/S 2019 (Pic 7)
Spring / Summer 2019 will be a season of many contradictions. Emotions will clash and fight-or-flight instincts will kick in, but, building on our overriding themes for Autumn/Winter 2018, most of all the season will evoke the wholly human need to belong.