The age of reason has tried to relegate myths to the level of story-telling or fairy tales, they have once again found a new relevance in our lives today. Myths are pervasive in art and entertainment, from TV programmes like Game of Thrones to the recent spate of Marvel comic films.

Today, the legends of old are being readopted by people who look for spiritual support and other worldly tales to explain the vicissitudes of contemporary life. They tell very human narratives of life and death; heroes, heroines, victories and failures with (mostly) happy endings. Technology is replacing human control and myths are a counter to our society being overwhelmed by artificial intelligence, algorithms and big data.

In this colour card, the past is always present for us. But we also take a very inclusive and optimistic attitude towards the future where we believe new myths will be created reflecting humanity, and our ability to adapt to new circumstances. After all, hope is not a myth!

A technical range of off-whites and tropospheric blues are tinted by metal, infused with minerals and incorporated with air. Our need to explore has drawn us further and further away from the earth.

This is a timeless and ageless colour range based on medium tones that connect easily, silently and smoothly with more vital and expressive hues.

This is a bold and precious story described with three unique reds that are calmed and grounded with a neutral warm grey. They are totemic colours used to represent love, activism, daring and ritualistic energies.

A soft sage-like green plus three rich deep darks: these winter hues take their inspiration from the natural world and are heavy with mystery and potency.

Neither technical nor casual, this range of dry-touch synthetics has its roots in nature, but their shades have been shifted into a more artificial, fantastical area. 

Growing, living greens gather their strength. They are guardians against climate change, which, today, is the most naturally salient directive for all creative thinkers.

Combative, signal colours that defend their position and protect their symbology: honest, simple and inclusive flags that celebrate transversality and plurality.

This transitional story re-presents a continuation of our interest in browns. Here we see the range refined and shimmered with a gilded, soft ore accent and enriched with a rich purpling mattness.





At a time when we are being urged to become climate-neutral by 2050 or sooner, we are recognising the enormous importance of the plant kingdom.

More and more of us are turning to a plant-based. We are realising how much we can learn from plants: how they cleanse our planet’s air, how they communicate with one another and how they adapt to hostile environments. We are just beginning to comprehend what some scientists are calling “plant intelligence”, a way of communicating and learning that could be the key to our own sustainable future.  Plants make up around 80% of the Earth’s biomass. The presence of humans, by comparison, is negligible.

For S/S 2021, we look towards a world that teaches us how to be flexible, how to adapt, how to be resilient – how to live with less toxicity and more cooperation and hope. Botanica is a beautiful world, full of inspiration, and we hope you enjoy the results.


A quiet opening to the summer season with four calibrated, soft neutrals that range pale to mid-tone, inspired by mushrooming summer fungi.


Colours expressing naturalness and refinement that have lost their original intensity, almost to the point of being monochromatic.


A group of pretty floral pastels that is surprisingly strong and energetic. They have an almost florescent dynamism, each with a powerful presence of its own.


In spite of all the talk about artificial intelligence and robotics, we present four colours are uncompromising ambassadors for the power of nature.


Colours that offer an aesthetic that is a little bit retro, a little bit camp, featuring soft and delicate, medium bright shades.


Plants take over, and flowers crossover to create the power to make new relationships between nature and us. Saturated almost digital colours.


This palette is inspired by thick and fleshy plants, beginning with a quartet of juicy purple, dusted grey, slated green and blue. There is a slightly muted feel to the colours.


This is a transitional palette that spans summer and winter, consisting of four variations of white, from a cooler, green infused white to a heavy cream.



“Don’t ask me where I’m from, ask where I’m a local. ”
Taiye Selasi in her TED talk
We are weathering turbulent times. Is it no wonder we feel the need to nest, to retreat into something comforting and familiar, avidly exploring concepts such as lagom (just the right amount – Sweden), hygge (a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality – Norway and Denmark) and now coorie (the Scottish for cuddling up).
For some for us, our nest is a place of safety; it can be somewhere in our mind’s eye, or it can be a collection of people, not a destination at all. Sometimes, it is just an abstract feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on – our happy place.
Wherever is it, whatever it is, the desire to make something we can return to is a need so deep, we cannot shake it off. It seems we are not so different from denning animals and leaping salmon.
A transitional family of four green centered colours that form a cool reflective palette infected with a touch of turquoise. Living in nature, it stands as a clear and confident advent for summer 2021.
This is a nostalgic collection of pastels that oscillate between past and present. Neither classic nor modern, they remind us of domestic childhood favourites such as cake icing, and rose scented soap. 
Gentle neutral shades, with a strange and quiet benevolence, imagined as an inflated protecting cocoon, acting as a buffer between the outside and the inside.
To enjoy the warmth, the personal freedom and the simple or not so simple pleasures of being at home. A secret place in which to enjoy your own madness!
These colours are some of the key building blocks for the winter palette. They are a restful, balanced and considered group of soothing pales and, together, they meld and work impeccably with the stronger tones in the collection.
Four strong and muscular colours that have both intensity and depth: they are versatile, lending themselves to many end-uses. This is true hybrid-wear and is genderless in outlook.
A mysterious, metallic purple mixes with lilac, duck egg and a wispy pale blue. This is a palette that straddles nature and science, sometimes surreal and sometimes familiar.
These shaded winter darks hover around the idea of black without its harshness. They are more focused on dimension and substance, rocking between faux luxe and a brute minerality.




Deep sea animals follow a surprisingly regular pattern when it comes to colour. Blue animals live near the surface. Deeper down they are blue on top and white underneath, further below they take on transparent qualities but have red stomachs and below that, they are all red or all black. At the deepest level, they are pale red or cream. 
Our colour card for S/S 2020 is not quite so consistent. For example, our deep darks move to lofty pales. But, just like the sea creatures, our different palettes have different depths, from the inky blues of the sperm whales to the brightest orange of a clown fish.
In previous seasons, we saw a lot of ethereal shades, but what begins to come through for spring summer, is a profundity of colour. Each palette seems to live in a sea of its own not necessarily related to the world around it. This is very reflective of the tribal behaviour going on in consumption right now and even of the ways in which people generally regard water: fear, excitement, energizing, challenging, relaxing; beach and resort, work and struggle. 
When we come to harmonies and cross-fertilization, the step forward lies in the contrasts. There is so much more than before. Although the pales are presented tone-on-tone in their own story, they are contrasted with harder colour in the harmonies – a turquoise with lagoon grey or a bright orange with the taupe family. We see hot with cold colours. This is because our colour expressions explore all depths of water, reflecting the coolest of streams as well as thermal beds of underwater volcanoes.

This palette comprises four ethereal shades: a dark slate, a wispy blue, a muted khaki and a ghostly green. Genderless in outlook, they possess a certain gravitas that lends itself to refined products with handmade elements.

Four deep and weighty personalities to dive into. At their heart, a fantastic ‘eyes-wide-open’ black sets up differences with the inkiest, darkest blue and a profound purple shading. All of this is given a shaft of intensity with a jeweled and saturated blue. 

Mysterious colours appear in the deep. In this abyssal blue, illuminated by artificial light, exist pink crustaceans, transparent echtoplasms, green, deep purple, yellow carapaces, multi-coloured jellyfish and pink crustaceans…

Like jumping into a fresh and cool waterscape filled with bubbles and plant fronds, we combine our four key colours move from turquoise to dark silt with two light and super-cool menthol blues.

This is a range based on new medium tones and neutrals that come from the sea with either a humid and hydrated expression or a salty dryness, so different from the earthy and dusty hues of previous seasons.

Ultra soft, pearly shades that offer a neutral and subtly feminine environment. Pinks and nudes are de-saturated and cooled, while beiges act in duotone, one bright and one with a gently gold twinkling, serving as a summer substitute for the ubiquitous camels of the previous winter.

A jolly quartet of flat, vibrant colour leads the way in this seaside palette of painterly hues. Highly contrasting, hugely fun and very, very graphic, the feeling in this family of brights is rooted in nostalgia and old-fashioned seaside towns.

The four tones we have called “New Lilac” transition A/W 19 to S/S 2020. Our first tone is the clearest and suits transparency; the second suggests relaxed atmospheres; the third acts as a highlight; and the fourth, opaque and dense, is the base for further combinations.



The Circle 



Circles signify everything and nothing at all. They are both historic and forward-facing. They represent inclusivity in a world that generates more and more diversity. Perfectly balanced and without bias, they radiate neutrality yet embrace us all. This is something we hope to achieve with our circle of colour for A/W19/20.
We foresee a winter palette that continues to be colour intense. Why are people in love with colour? The answer lies in our emotions. It’s about generating happiness and lifting our spirits while connecting emotionally to our own state of mind. Colour forms an important part of our visual identity. Self-promotion and self-branding is a way of life for so many people; colour is becoming an increasingly important part of that journey through a selfie-oriented world.
Overall, we see a season of colour that radiates diversity, ranging from a new level of flat, painterly primaries to pastels that are more active than romantic. Our palette embraces the division between colour as an exercise in maximalism shades that generate multi-dimensional visual perspectives and colour used on a functional basis down to earth utility shades, recycled hues and core essentials.
A small family of tinted neutrals form the base of this colour group. Jet-black is paired with a warm grey: a dusted blue lies with a paler partner. They form duos of dark and light, allowing a layered approach to colour application.
This is a respectful’ range, whose aim is not to excite or shock but to partner any chromatic proposal without judgement.
This is a modern and future facing palette of colours that combines the natural and the manmade. Taking inspiration from the world we find about us, the colours are jarred and at odds.
A new, warm winter range is characterized by a filtered and false tonal palette that sees a soft, hot red against a lightened orange, and a matt, subdued taupe that speaks to a cloud of ochre dust.
Colours that tell the tale of the circle of life, where we turn to Buddhist paintings and mandalas, Chinese creation myths and Roman frescoes of Persephone for inspiration.
The unknown of the past and what is yet to be known materialize in shades that only hint at their internal nature and in dark tones that just hint at a colour.
Fulsome winter pigments that have a retro ambiance. They are not pure primaries, they are blended and slightly impure, but still have an enduring appeal.




Love lifts us up, yet, paradoxically, we fall in love. We experience many different forms of love in our lives. When we are children we experience unconditional love that is simple and pure. It cocoons us. As we grow, it becomes less steady, more widely given and more unpredictable. We fall in love with our idols, we love our friends, we love objects, places and ideas. These different forms of love can be rich, fun, deep or shallow. This notion of waxing and waning, the fleeting and the constant, is expressed in our seasonal palettes. Just like our concept of love, the palettes are designed to uplift us, make us feel happy and, yes, sad too.
These are turbulent times, both politically and socially. In 1967 John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote “All You Need Is Love”. Surely now is the perfect time to reiterate that message to all mankind?


“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”
Albert Einstein.
Barely-there tints that are tranquil and discreet: these colours are important summer staples and work across all end-use areas, equally strong in exclusive luxe products, fashion forward ranges and new architectural expressions.
Colour drains away leaving a small family of neutral shades. We start with white, the purest base from which to commence, closely followed by silver, a reflective point amongst the calm. Grey and black complete a sombre picture.
A cool graduation of buoyant and frothy turquoises, greens and deep water tones cleanly sparkle together against a restrained and soft, cool taupe. They are the multi-taskers of the season.
This reduced palette of adapted and evelved pinks is employed to explore ideas of opposites: dark and light, masculine and feminine. Layered together and in any order, there are no rules concerning proportion.
This range of transitional greens and browns continues to be important and can be used across varied end-use platforms, both in casual, relaxed environments and in more vibrant, modern products.
In our brightest summer palette, we see a power-based red and a startling orange glow throb against a utilitarian blue and a fresher turquoise.
Timeless tones from earth and clay that rely on basic instinct to point us back to true and certain things what really matters, our history, our ancestors and the physical world beneath our feet.
A lilac, a soft yellow, a cheesy pink and a menthol green make up a proposal where colour is transparent and light, mutant or static but, by its very essentiality, always welcoming and friendly.
After our last winter selection of transitional blues ebbing into turquoise, we choose new densities for summer, from the material to the airy, bearing in mind how these hues affect the raw material they are applied to.
Choosing white is a strong and assertive choice that takes us away from confused, recurring chromatics. White in art, architecture, design and fashion signifies renewal, starting again with purpose. 
Veneration + White Love
After our last winter selection of transitional blues ebbing into turquoise, we choose new densities for summer, from the material to the airy. We balance these with a strong and assertive choice of four hues of white. We finish off with a touch of gold.